In ancient times, beauty was defined as being in balance with harmony and nature. The Greeks described beauty as "being in one's finest hour." Our modern world has traveled far from these ancient definitions. We invite you to join us in finding the road back.


The Beautiful Women of North Dakota is more than an empowering book and art exhibition; it is a call to expand the definition of beauty. Employing the same media techniques used to emphasize physical beauty—photographic images, video, and literary tools—we celebrate women who are quietly making our world a more beautiful place.

One of them might be your grandmother volunteering at the nursing home. Another might be a neighbor who joined the armed forces to serve her country, or a friend whose art brings beauty to our world. Each of these women are making a difference in the world in their own way.

These women aren’t seeking recognition. They aren’t gracing the cover of Vogue and their stories haven’t been featured on Entertainment Tonight.  We want to change that. Our dream is to see these remarkable women in the spotlight sharing their wisdom and inspiring our generation.

On November 21st of 2009,  22 exceptional women from across North Dakota gathered in this often-freezing city and walked the red carpet at the Beautiful Women of North Dakota gala opening and book release. From a wheelchair bound 25-year-old to spry 102-year-old, all women featured in this heartfelt book and art exhibition, received the full VIP treatment usually reserved for Hollywood stars.

The Beautiful Women project begins in North Dakota, but we want to open minds across the country to the beauty of women in our own lives and communities, because these are the women we want our daughters to see, to hear and to be inspired.

We invite you to travel on this journey with us. It’s time to make hidden beauty shine!

Photos by Billy Black and stories by Chris Linnares